A business controller is responsible for controlling the accounts and finance department in a business organization. Directing the new finance plans, providing financial support to the sales & marketing departments and regulating the account unit by implementing the management approved financial strategies are one of the main job duties of a business controller. This designation plays an essential role in setting up healthy customer relations, offers the best finance security services and directs the financial team to negotiate with the potential clients in business meetings. Therefore, a business controller is appointed by the small to huge organizations to attain the maximum growth in terms of finance security.

Business Controller Job Specifications:

  • Excellent communications skills to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction level by suggesting them the best available finance products and knowledge of answering the queries of high profile clientele.
  • Ability to supervise the finance planning programs, investigating the account reports and suggesting the ground breaking solutions to resolve the financial issues.
  • Sound knowledge of setting up the finance budget, suggesting the amount of money to be spent on the new business projects by evaluating the pros & cons.
  • Good interpersonal skills to build up a healthy relationship with stock holders and financial advisors to gather the essential financial data and experience of advising the excellent financial investment plans by compiling all the current business market facts.
  • Experience of preparing the annual financial reports, filling the business tax returns by implementing the regulations to save money and to benefit the organization.
  • ERP exposure and determining the financial budget for each department section along with clarifying the accounts department methodologies.