Business sales job profile and description

A business sales representative is expected to be an exceptional employee. They are supposed to increase the number of customers that buy products from the organization which employs them. For this sort of work, the rewards are very high. It is a role that is comparable to the individuals who work within the city. At the same time there is no room for slackers when assessing the work of business sales representatives.

Business sales duties and responsibilities

There are certain duties that are attached to the role of a business sales representative:

  1. One of the tasks is to ensure that the overall sales figures for the organization are rising.
  2. They need to identify bottlenecks which are reducing sales so that these can be dealt with at the earliest opportunity.
  3. An effective business sales representative will provide regular updates to the senior management team.

Business sales skills and specifications

The skills which are required of a business sales representative include the following generic qualities:

  1. The successful candidate must have an affinity for high level sales projects.
  2. They must be able to communicate effectively with a diverse range of people.
  3. The role of a business sales representative requires good organizational skills.

Business sales education and qualification

The business sales representative should have a good all round general education. They should also have some marketing qualifications that relate to the industry within which they are operating. In the modern context, IT qualifications would be most welcome.

Business sales salary

The salary for a good business sales representative might start at about $50,000. This will then be buffered by allowances and privileges. The payment might include a series of performance related bonuses. Therefore the top range can go right up to $200,000 or even more depending on the organization.