Catering Sales Manager Job Profile and Description

If you are planning to host a party at home or a celebration at the office, but you neither have the time nor the inclination to bother with the food preparation and procuring additional tables and chairs for your guests, you can take it easy with catering services that can provide almost everything you need to host the party.  That’s what Catering Sales Managers do best.  They can arrange to have the menu dishes, heating equipment, along with relevant party logistics ready for you.  Catering services are often provided by hotels and restaurants, large or small.  They are also harnessed by airlines and cruise liners, handled by their corporate account officers.

Catering Sales Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Meet with clients to capture catering order specifics like menu dishes, date and time, address as well as logistical requirements like tables and chairs.
  • Draft and submit the sales contract to client for review, approval and payment.
  • Report progress of catering sales to the General Manger or Director of Catering as applicable.
  • Ensure operational compliance with health and fire regulations regarding food preparation and serving.
  • Coordinate with catering departments such as the food preparation and kitchen department, facilities provisioning and delivery vans to ensure they can meet scheduled catering service.
  • Investigate and resolve complaints regarding food quality or service.

Catering Sales Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Must have excellent interpersonal and people management skills
  • Has high computer literacy to use PC
  • Must have high organization, supervisory and managerial skills

Catering Sales Manager Education and Qualifications

  • As a management position, a bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurante Management or related courses is basic.
  • 2-3 years of experience in a similar sales management capacity is an advantage


Catering Sales Manager Salary

The median annual salary for a Catering Sales Manager in 2008 was $46,300 with the middle 50% earning between $36,600 and $59,600. The lowest 10% earned about $29,400 while the highest 10% earned roughly $77,000.