Car Salesperson Job Profile and Description

A car sales person or consultant usually works for a car showroom of a particular company or one which has many brands. He is supposed to explain all the features of the car to the buyer and guide him after finding out what the buyer’s requirements are.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A car salesperson has to meet and greet customers and determine what their needs are in order to sell them a car from the inventory
  • He needs to listen to what the customer wants and show him why your vehicle meets all of his needs.
  • He needs to have in-depth knowledge of the car and is responsible for using this knowledge to demonstrate a vehicle to a customer and answer his questions
  • They need to be familiar with models for used car inventory and should also know about the competitors’ products to sell the car
  • He has to show the customer how to use the vehicle bought by them upon delivery
  • They may also have to take phone calls to answer queries of the customers
  • They must know the latest changes in pricing, various incentives, rebates, leasing programs etc
  • They need to know about all the paperwork involved in the buying and selling of cars and guide customers about payment options and banking stipulations

Skills and Specifications

  • A car salesperson should be ready to work for long hours
  • They must have the basic sales skills and a friendly personality
  • They must be polite and have exceptional communication skills
  • They should be good negotiators and be persistent
  • They should be able to reach sales targets and deadlines

Education and Qualifications

One can go for a commerce degree in order to be car salesperson. An MBA with specialisation in sales and marketing is also helpful. One needs to become certified in the manufacturer’s product line and most of the training takes place on the job.