A fashion photographer works to click & create the glamorous images of the models by investing his technical expertise and experience to meet the commercial standards. Adding the particular digital effects, arranging the desired setup for preparing the portfolio of a model and storing the clicked & processed portfolio into a CDs and preparing a professional album are the basic job duties of a fashion photographer. A fashion photographer should have excellent interpersonal skills, organizing experience and sound technical & digital knowledge of his field. Therefore, a fashion photographer plays an important role in any fashion related industry.

Fashion photographer job specifications:

  • Effective communication skills to lead the staff and coordinate with the models & other high profile clients.
  • Sound knowledge of camera techniques, procedures of developing superior quality images and good imagination ability to arrange the suitable setup for completing the photo shoot.
  • Experience of using impressive props, proper lightening in the studio and good judgement of capturing the best features of the models.
  • Good interpersonal skills to cooperate with the fashion directors, clients and contacting the fashion houses for completing the work according to their specifications.
  • Ability to work on the latest digital technology tools, software and processing systems to generate the effective natural portfolios.
  • Good hand – to- eye coordination, healthy eye sight, knowledge of adequate mixing of chemicals for developing photograph.
  • Experience of working on freelance portfolios, advertising & commercial photo shoots and business photo shoots, etc.
  • Aptitude to work in the team, patience, helpful to the crew members and making the models comfortable during the portfolio shoot.