Health Insurance Sales Job Profile and Description


A health insurance sales executive is someone who sells various kinds of health insurance policies to customers.


Duties and Responsibilities


  • A health insurance sales executive has to attend meetings, seminars and training programs to learn about new health insurance programs initiated by the company he is working for.
  • He has to make calls to existing policy holders of the company and explain new heath insurance programs with the aim to sell them.
  • He has to make cold calls to would – be clients and give information about the programs he is offering.
  • When an existing customer makes a claim, he has to confer with him/her to find out more information and also take steps to ensure that the claim is submitted to the company.
  • He may have to confer with his superiors when adjustments need to be made on existing health insurance programs to suit the client’s health needs.
  • He has to perform certain administrative tasks as well, including policy renewals and maintaining records.
  • He has to constantly update himself regarding the health insurance programs that are being offered by the competition.
  • He has to develop new contacts regularly in a bid to get new clients.

Skills and Specifications

  • A health insurance sales executive has to possess exceptionally good salesmanship skills.
  • He should possess very high interpersonal skills as he has to make clients open up to him about their health, an issue that is quite personal.
  • He should be a very good listener as well to be successful in this profession.
  • An enthusiastic, confident, problem – solving and flexible mindset is important.
  • Having an emotional and sympathetic approach to people and their problems is an advantage in this profession.

Education and Qualifications

A health insurance sales executive should possess a Bachelor’s degree. Any additional degree or experience in the related field will provide an edge over the others.