The job of a Merchandise Marker is of great significance as they are responsible for the assortment and sorting of supplies and materials. Merchandise markers usually work at retail outlets, large super markets or at warehouses and are supervised by the merchandise manager. An individual for this job requires the ability of working in a fast paced and dynamic environment.

Duties and Responsibilities

    • Sorting all the goods and supplies and allocating necessary labels and tags on to them.
    • Ensuring the proper handling of all goods and supplies.
    • Assorting all merchandise in proper order of dispatch or receipt.
    • Making note of any damaged or unmatched merchandise and reporting the same to the administrative authority.
    • Ensuring the proper stocking of all merchandise in the storehouse.
    • Keeping an inventory record of all the goods and supplies.
    • Coordinating work functions with the other organizational departments.
    • Completing all tasks as assigned by the merchandise manager.

Skills and Specifications

    • Knowledge of storage and safety procedures of handling goods and working in the warehouse.
    • Should possess good communication skills written as well as verbal and the knowledge of using a bar code machine.
    • Should have the aptitude of working in a team and following orders of the superiors.
    • Should have good time management skills and the ability to meet necessary deadlines.

Education and Qualifications

    • High school degree, diploma, GED or any equivalent qualification from a certified college.
    • Bachelor’s or an associate’s degree in retailing, merchandise management, warehousing or any other related field of study from an accredited institution.