A telecom customer relationship manager is responsible for managing the customer satisfaction in a telecom industry by communicating with the displeased clients, categorizing & organizing the available multiple communication gateways & interfacing system and overseeing the functioning of the sales & marketing customer centre departments. Suggesting the different beneficial telecom broadband operations, communicating with the concerned departments and updating the records are some of the important job duties of a telecom customer relationship manager. This job designation should pose good interpersonal skills, experience of handling effective telecom sales & marketing campaigns and effective problem solving abilities to handle the serious issues.   Therefore, a telecom customer relationship manager plays a vital role in facilitating the telecom company.

Telecom Customer Relationship Manager Job Specifications:

  • Good communication skills to deal with the potential customers, maintaining a good customer relationship with the government & corporate clients and commencing a business relationship with them.
  • Effective supervising skills to evaluate the performance of the sales & marketing customer centre departments, taking the decisions of promoting & demoting the employee and organizing the training programs for educating the staff.
  • Planning the effective scripts for the customer centre department by emphasizing the forthcoming corporate & government internet plans, maintaining the presentations for the same and deciding the interactive offers to increase the telephonic sales.
  • Ability to implement the impressive plans for targeting the client transforming their service provider.
  • Knowledge of offering discounts on the tariffs to earn a long term business & for completing the pending targets of the customer service department.
  • Diplomatic & good observational skills for judging the customers opinion and ability to convince them for switching to the concerned telecom services.