Internal Auditor Job Profile and Description

In the rush to meet corporate business objectives, the integrity of financial management processes can easily be overlooked and it is the responsibility of the Internal Auditor to make sure that the company doesn’t get astray or afoul of the legal statutes in the rush. Trained as an accountant with an eagle eye for details, the Internal Auditor scrutinizes the company’s books as well as financial management processes to ensure they are in compliance with ethical standards, legal statutes and corporate policies.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct regular and ad hoc audits of financial controls and management systems for corporate policy and legal compliance
  • Conduct annual review of fiscal and investment management policies and procedures and recommend corrective action if needed.
  • Conduct audit of automated inventory management systems to ensure correct matching of physical inventory with system database content and provide recommendation for corrective action, if any.
  • Conduct audit of automated financial systems to ensure correct data represents corporate financial health.
  • Schedule regular meetings with management to communicate audit findings and explore suitable solutions to any data error, unaccountable transactions, faulty or inefficient processes.

Skills and Specifications

  • Must be detail oriented, conscientious and systematic with a high level of accuracy but without losing sight of the big picture.
  • Must be able to work long hours to adhere to set deadlines.
  • Must have strong moral and ethical foundation to disclose potentially illegal, criminal and unethical business practices or data
  • Must exhibit excellent communication and interpersonal skills to present audit findings to higher management and implement corrective actions to department managers when called for

Education and Qualifications

A degree in accounting is a must while a post graduate course in business administration and management or a related experience in another company is an edge. Computer literacy with spreadsheets and word processing is basic and a working familiarity with automated accounting systems or ERPs such as SAP/financials is an edge.