A maintenance manager is responsible for overseeing the maintenance work, conducting necessary maintenance operations and functions to initiate the potential working strategies for meeting the pending maintenance tasks. Analyzing the maintenance issues, supervising activates of the maintenance team and coordinating with the different departments are some of the basic job responsibilities of a maintenance manager. A maintenance manager should pose excellent interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, experience of organizing & upholding the required maintenance services, etc. Therefore, a maintenance manager plays a vital role for the entire up keeping of an organization.

Maintenance Manager Job Specifications:

  • Brilliant communication skills to correspond with the different departments for judging their maintenance requirements and issuing the initial aids in case of emergency.
  • Good knowledge of diverse maintenance techniques, service methods and troubleshooting tools for repairing the encountered technical issues.
  • Experience of keeping records based on the day-to-day activities, updating the status in the records and preparing the performance based monthly reports for timely submission.
  • Ability to recruit the crew members, assigning them the job duties and arranging for their training programs such as workshops, education programs and introduction to the latest maintenance tools, etc.
  • Coordinating with the team members and motivating them to use the Occupational health & safety policies for carrying out the desired procedures.
  • Ensuring the availability of the maintenance equipments & instruments and putting a requirement list regarding the same.
  • Contacting with the external suppliers for purchasing the electrical and mechanical material to fulfil the requirements, etc.