Market sales job profile and description

A market sales manager is expected to oversee the interaction of an organization with the market in which it is operating. In stark terms, they are supposed to improve the sales figures for the corporation over a long period of time. This is a very critical role in the organization because it is directly linked to the bottom line. Without sales, most organizations will face a natural death.

Market sales duties and responsibilities

There are certain duties and responsibilities that can be allocated to a market sales manager depending on the role that they are undertaking:

  1. The successful candidate will need to come up with convincing strategies for expanding sales within the organization.
  2. They will need to work with other departments in order to ensure that the clients are getting a good service.
  3. From time to time the market sales manager will need to make representations about the bottom line to senior managers.

Market sales skills and specifications

The skill’s set that is required of a market sales manager includes the following items:

  1. The successful candidate should ideally possess a marketing qualification.
  2. It is recommended that candidates have an industry related qualification.
  3. The possession of an IT qualification might help the market sales manager.

Market sales education and qualification

The academic requirements for a market sales manager are fairly generic. A degree in business administration would make recruitment likely. They also have to have some IT qualifications. The sales skills are an absolute must for this job.

Market sales salary

The salary specifications for a market sales manager will take into consideration their contribution to the company bottom line. If the market sales manager has been effective then they can expect a salary in the range of $100,000 to $200,000 per annum. Failure to make sales could lead to termination of the contract.