Natural resources sales job profile and description

The role of a natural resources sales representative requires specialist skills. This is an industry that is growing and the successful candidate is expected to have some knowledge of the environmental factors that relate to their role. There are legal ramifications for all companies that are involved with this industry and their sales representatives need to implement those legal requirements as part of their roles.

Natural resources sales duties and responsibilities

The duties of a natural resources sales representative can be briefly classified as follows:

  1. The representative is expected to handle all sales related matters on behalf of the company that they are working for.
  2. The successful candidate will need to liaise with a diverse range of stakeholders including government agencies and private sector organizations.
  3. In cases of controversial decisions, the natural resources sales representative might be involved in press briefings and sending out messages on behalf of their organization.

Natural resources sales skills and specifications

The skills and specifications that are expected of a natural resources sales representative include the following:

  1. The natural resources sales representative has to be able to sell products of a highly specialized nature.
  2. They must understand the legal frameworks under which their organization is operating.
  3. They have to have exceptional communication skills that will help them in their marketing role.

Natural resources sales education and qualification

There are no specific academic qualifications that are restricted to the role of a natural resources sales representative. Instead the candidate has to possess a general level of education. The fact that they have an industry related qualification might be of benefit.

Natural resources sales salary

Given the high profile that natural resources are having at the moment, the salary commanded by a natural resources sales representative is significant. They can expect to earn between $100,000 and $200,000 per annum.