A medical transcriptionist functions to record the medical statements dictated by the doctors and other medical professionals and performs the word processing for translating these scripts into patient’s history, summaries and examination notes, etc. Handling of administration correspondence, clarifying the progress reports & healthcare communications and printing the operating room reports stated by the physician are some of the basic job responsibilities of a medical transcriptionist. Therefore, a medical transcriptionist plays an essential role in understanding & preparing the medical documents to complete the healthcare procedures.

Medical Transcript Job Specifications:

  • Sound knowledge of anatomy, physiology and medical terminology along with the good hold on reading & writing English.
  • Experience of using a computer system along with the required peripheral such as a printer and scanner, etc.
  • Ability to produce the meaningful medical documents by understanding the written dictions & statements of the doctors and making the documents error free by revising the printed content.
  • Ensuring the preparation of translated reports such a patient summary, healthcare note, prescriptions and discharging files within the time limit and seeking the assistant if any clarification is required.
  • Effective interpersonal skills to build a good relationship with the other staff members, medical officers, management, administration and supervisory members, etc.
  • Excellent organizational abilities to manage & store the records shelves and knowledge of retrieving the information of a particular patient whenever required.
  • Ensuring the details such as patient name, address and name of the medical specialist should be mentioned accurately on the document.
  • Distributing of documents as requested by the other departments such as the billing department, admin department and insurance department, etc.