Salesperson Job Profile and Description

Sales jobs comprise a wide field and there are many kinds of salespersons and sales jobs. A salesperson is primarily responsible for selling particular products or services to customers. He may work for a specific company or may work independently, in a retail outlet or go door to door. In all this places, he has to convince the customer that his product is of use and has to sell it to them.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A salesperson is mainly in charge of planning and carrying out all sales activities in a particular area
  • He has to make sure the customer is satisfied and has to take care of the quality of product and service delivery
  • He must build relations with new customers and maintain a customer database
  • He needs to prepare sales action plans and schedules
  • He must develop and maintain sales and promotional materials
  • He plans ¬†and conduct direct marketing activities
  • He has to make sales calls to new and existing clients
  • He monitors competition and market conditions
  • He needs to participate in sales events like trade fairs and exhibitions

Skills and Specifications

  • A salesperson must have great communication skills, both written and verbal
  • They should be good negotiators and must be innovative and persuasive
  • They must be energetic and confident as sometimes a lot of legwork is involved
  • He should have basic knowledge of relevant computer applications and the principles and practices of sales
  • He should know about basic customer service and business principles
  • He must be able to make presentations and achieve sales targets

Education and Qualifications

A salesperson does not need to have a degree as skills are more important here. But a commerce degree or an MBA with specialisation in sales and marketing will help him.