An aircraft engine mechanic functions to repair, service and maintain the aircraft engine by investing his technical skills and expertise of handling engines related problems. Knowledge of using technical machines & equipments, ability to operate the sensitive parts of the engine and repairing the propellers are some of the basic job duties of an aircraft mechanic. An aircraft engine mechanic should pose excellent communication skills, operational abilities and experience of troubleshooting & analysing the aircraft engine problems.  Therefore, an aircraft engine mechanic plays an important role in updating and keeping the aircraft in working order.

Aircraft Engine Mechanic Job Specifications:

  • Effective interpersonal skills to coordinate with the team members for conducting the overall analysis of the aircraft engine by judging the accurate problem.
  • Organizing the sufficient facilities and managing the supply of required instruments and scientific devices before operating the faulty engine parts.
  • Specialization in using available maintenance, repairing tools & equipments and knowledge of utilizing all resources for performing the priority work as demanded.
  • Putting a requirement list for buying the essential spare parts for replacing the older ones and communicating with the seniors if any issue persists after repairing.
  • Knowledge of all innovative technologies and the latest introduced apparatus for keeping the aircraft updated.
  • Aptitude to attend the various technical repairing programs and maintenance workshop seminars for gaining the practical knowledge.
  • Ability to overhaul and assemble the repaired parts of the aircraft engines.
  • Stamina to work on diverse policies for enhancing the life cycle of the jet engine, internal turbines and exhausts, etc.