A general manager is responsible for overseeing all matters related to organizational development, training & recruitment, functions to complete the assigned area targets and ensures the proper utilization of potential policies & strategies. Organizing the required supply, setting the target for managers, inspecting timely work and attending the meetings with the management for further progress are some of the important job duties of a general manager. This job designation should pose, excellent communication skills, management expertise to handle the urgent operations and ability to direct the diverse business operations. Therefore, a general manager plays an essential role in managing the organization.

General Manager Job Specifications:

  • Good interpersonal skills to deal with the high profile clients, potential buyers & important investors and attend the timely meetings with the management for initiating the new beneficial projects.
  • Experience of establishing the objective & goals of the assigned department, enhancing the production of the business and accomplishing the targets.
  • Analyzing skills to identify, evaluating and contacting the optimal manufactures, supplier parties, assembly partners and contractors.
  • Knowledge of developing the operational growth within the organization, implementing the effective marketing plan and impressive policies for improving the sales.
  • Supervisory skills to judge the prospective employees, keeping an eye on day-to-day activities, visiting the department regularly and conducting the recruitment programs with the HR department.
  • Attending the meetings with the interested clients for enhancing the distribution of the products and arranging for the required workshops, seminar and training programs for the employees.
  • Having good eye for details so that he can keep a check on all the activities of an organisation.