A catering manager is responsible for overseeing the catering services, planning, developing & implementation of new working policies for increasing business and meeting the requirements of the customers by maintaining the hygiene standards.  Making arrangements for the raw material, maintaining discipline within the team and executing the approved standard policies are some of the basic job duties of a catering manager.  A catering manager should pose excellent interpersonal skill, management abilities and experience to handle the high profile parties, etc. Therefore, a catering manager plays a vital role in improving the catering standards.

Catering manager job specifications:

  • Good communication skills to deal with the corporate clients, managing proper catering arrangements for ensuring the satisfaction level of customers.
  • Ability to put requirement for staff appointments, hiring them, training the appointed people by conducting the training programs and educational seminars.
  • Responsibility of preparing an overall budget, financial plan for parties and knowledge of making financial statements by coordinating with the concerned client.
  • Maintaining the finance records, checking the accounts weekly, familiar with invoices & the current tax rates and updating the monthly budget register according to the same.
  • Attending the meeting with the senior staff for discussing the day-to-day requirements and improvements in the business and for submitting the performance reports of the staff along with the accounts registers.
  • Ability to coordinate with the chef & kitchen staff and demonstrating the prepared menu for a particular function by considering the client’s requirements.
  • Experience of generating business from the existing clients, maintaining the health & safety standards, contacting the raw material suppliers and attending the meetings with the potential clients, etc.