A HR director is responsible for overseeing the overall development of the HR department, functions to plan the new policies according to the human resources codes & conducts and implements the strategies within the department. Organization & management abilities for fulfilling the requirements of the department, maintaining the overall discipline and handling the policies & strategies of the company are some of the major job responsibilities of a HR director.  A HR director should pose good communication skills, excellent management abilities and experience of initiating the result oriented programs.  Hence, a HR director plays an important role to make the HR department work and contributes in the success of concerned organization.

HR Director Job Specifications:

  • Experience of outlining the new working strategies to maintain the discipline within the organization and ability to nip the protests with good understanding & alert behaviour.
  • Developing the result driven policies for the recruitment of the employees by suggesting the unique methods of recruitment and hiring the candidates.
  • Attending the weekly meetings with the HR manager for discussing the new recruitment job profile, working conditions and specifying the management rules & regulations, etc.
  • Responsibility to control the HR department by issuing the orders and assigning the new job duties to each employee according to the candidature.
  • Taking initiatives for conducting recruitment campaigns, preparing the budget for the same and directing the HR staff to make sufficient arrangements.
  • Ability to understand the requirements of the management, necessities of each department and experience of utilizing all the available resources for sorting HR department related issues.
  • Ensuring the implementation of ethical working orders and if required take initiative to handle the serious employee disputes by representing the management.