A computer analyst plays a vital role in developing computer applications, implementation of computer system architecture and customization of software programs. The person invests his information technology skills to plan, implement, execute and install the recommended computer programs.  A computer system analyst is equally responsible for revamping, modifying and investigating of existing program bugs, etc. Computer analysts are appointed by the leading software & networking companies to complete the troubleshooting programs and to prepare the cost- effective programming solutions as per the requirement.

Computer Analyst Job Specifications:

  • Effective communication skills to coordinate with the analyst team and interpersonal abilities to converse with the concerned software departments.
  • Sound knowledge of troubleshooting of existing software, removing bugs from application programs and suggesting the effective alternates to recover the lost data, etc.
  • Ability to recommend and suggest the new or repaired programs emphasizing on the management requirements.
  • Capability to train the computer analyst team and motivational skills to generate the expected outputs for meeting the satisfaction level of the entrepreneur.
  • Knowledge of the latest analyst procedures and innovative programs to update the department and the organization.
  • Excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills by implementing the high level solutions.
  • Good decision making abilities to support the maintenance, coordination and installation of computer applications as per requirements.
  • Experience of preparing annual reports and records for timely submission.
  • Judging skills to recommend the analyst team members for training programs such as hardware training programs and software development seminars, etc.