A credit analyst is responsible for estimating the risk factors in lending & extending the monetary details of an individual including analysis of the current financial statements and credit data records. A credit analyst plays an important role in the credit business growth and helps to bring the effective customer network. Recommending the suitable course of actions, analysing the client’s habits of paying bills & clearing payments and evaluating the existing finance records of customers are the major job functions operated by the credit analyst.

Credit Analyst Job Specifications:

  • Strong analytical skills to investigate the existing customer records.
  • Numeric abilities to provide clearance to the expected credit and research skills to find out the fact behind the financial statements.
  • Sound decision making and problem solving capabilities to handle the customer related serious issue and lead the credit analyst team.
  • Effective communication skills to deal with the potential customers to suggest the available beneficial credit policies and to generate the desired credit business.
  • Sound knowledge of current credit making strategies and ability to comply with the regulations.
  • Excellent interpersonal skill to coordinate with the accounts department, finance manager and product specialist section to generate the exclusive prolific credit policies.
  • Assessing the overall credit details to answer the potential client enquiries.
  • Productive and aware mind to prepare the fruitful credit analysis standards for making the analysis procedure easy and customer friendly.
  • Ability to organize the daily meetings for discussing the outcome of individuals, understanding the encountered customer problems and market- risk factors, etc.