A construction foreman is responsible for maintaining the construction regulations, leading the construction crew and assisting the construction supervisor for supplying the electricity and fixing the small labour problems. Monitoring of new project completions, completing the urgent assignment on priorities and inspecting all the safety standards on time are the basic job duties of a construction foremen. However, to meet such responsibilities, construction foremen should have the impressive communication skills, leadership & motivational abilities and management qualities. A construction foreman plays an essential role to complete the construction projects on time by leading the construction worker team.

Construction foreman job specifications:

  • Good understanding ability to recognize the exact requirements of the construction project requirements and knowledge to schedule the important tasks.
  • Ensuring the good quality of construction tool and equipments used by the workers and experience of maintaining the safety standards at the construction site.
  • Responsibility of collecting the payment from the contractor by delivering the assigned construction projects as committed.
  • Knowledge of using a first aid & safety kit along with emergency services and taking care of updating safety regulation used by the construction workers on the site.
  • Attending the weekly health & safety meetings with the construction worker and educating them about the latest safety & hygiene standards.
  • Taking care of the construction worker disputes and discussing the same with the supervisor if any serious nature issue encountered.
  • Inspecting the working quality of the workers, experience of hiring construction workers and making arrangements for their timely training programs.