A construction manager regulates the planning, directing and implementation of the construction procedures & policies to complete the construction projects. Scheduling of budget, providing facilities, maintenance of construction structures and overseeing the construction activities are some of the major job duties of a construction manager. A construction manager must pose effective interpersonal skills, organizing abilities and impressive estimating & evaluating skills to participate in the different construction projects. Therefore, a construction manager plays a vital role in conceptual development, managing construction standards as per client’s requirements and delivering the completed construction projects on time.

Construction manager job specifications:

  • Good knowledge of all sort of construction projects, procedures and construction equipment & machinery, etc, to outline the effective construction development schemes.
  • Coordinating with the construction supervisor, site manager and site architecture to understand their requirements and prepares a budget to make the arrangements for availing the essential material.
  • Ability to select, appoint and inspect the contractors to meet the assigned deadlines of the construction work.
  • Understanding the requirements of the labour & construction assistant and overseeing their hiring & firing procedures as depending upon their performances.
  • Ensuing the safety standards and quality working equipment & tools to avoid accidents on the construction site.
  • Arranging the drinking water supply, organizing for sufficient electricity and shelter nearby the site for the construction workers.
  • Managing and approving the budget from the construction company for obtaining the required permits & licenses for the same.
  • Looking after the internal disputes between the construction assistant, contractors and managers, etc.
  • Meeting the immediate supervisors and managers to know more about their urgent requirements and requesting the construction company for supplying the compulsory material on time.