A construction supervisor is responsible for coordinating and assisting the different construction procedures to initiate the new construction projects and to rebuild the older ones. He performs one of the main job duties such as preparing the project reports, ensuring the safety & quality standards and setting up the budget of a construction project by emphasizing on the client requirements. A construction supervisor should pose effective management skills, interpersonal abilities to participate in the construction process and organizational understanding to complete the construction task without any hitch. A construction supervisor plays a vital role in accomplishing the construction procedures by acting as a bridge between the construction company and the client.

Construction supervision job specifications:

  • Knowledge of construction site standards to ensure and issue the directions to the construction assistants and workers regarding the proper site setup.
  • Effective interpersonal skills to coordinate with the contractors, site engineers and architectures for planning the desired construction designs.
  • Good negotiation skills to deal with the construction companies to hire the required construction machines, equipments and tools, etc to complete the targeted project on time.
  • Ability to prepare the construction schedules and dividing the work between the construction workers according to the decided economic budget.
  • Supervising and visiting the construction sites regularly for maintaining the records and preparing the construction reports for further use.
  • Formulating the approved construction plans and outlines the successful construction procedures to deliver the completed projects on time.
  • Hiring the required construction individuals and organizing their training schedules by evaluating their educational interpersonal skills.
  • Motivational skills to energise the workers for enhancing the output level.