A factory manager functions to control the routine industrial operations, oversees the regular activities of the employees and ensures the implementation of safety & occupational health regulations in a factory. Controlling the plant operations & procedures, executing the quality control programs and inspecting the plant on the daily basis are some of the basic job duties of a factory manager. A factory manager should pose excellent interpersonal skills, organizational abilities and understanding to deal with the critical issues & handling of urgent projects, etc. Hence, a factory manager plays a vital role in the growth of a factory business by paying attention to the essential requirements.

Factory Manager Job Specifications:

  • Effective communication skills to deal with the factory staff, high profile clients and attending the meetings with the management for executing the health & safety strategies.
  • Good supervisory skills to measure the ability of the workers, office staff, inspecting the imported raw material and checking the exported goods for preparing the basic records.
  • Ensuring the satisfactory level of production, quality of goods and implementing the management approved policies for the same.
  • Planning the monthly meets with the production team for discussing the current activities & production level of goods, mechanical & electrical problems, working schedule and budget for the production department.
  • Knowledge of putting the production & office team for various technical training programs & workshops and organizing the seminar programs on the latest technology within the department.
  • Reviewing the performance of the employees and preparing the monthly reports for the same.
  • Problem solving skills to take care of technical and official issues.