An insurance administrator functions to ensure the suitable insurance coverage for the concerned organization by evaluating the associated risks with the assets, business and infrastructures of the company. Analyzing the available assets of an organization, contacting the insurance companies for applying the most recommended insurance policy and completing the documentation are some of the major job responsibilities of an insurance administrator.  An insurance administrator must pose effective communication skills, brilliant calculations knowledge and experience of handling all the insurance procedures, etc. Hence, an insurance administrator plays an essential role to get an organization insured by negotiating and estimating the insurance terms.

Insurance Administrator Job Specifications:

  • Sound knowledge of risk management to assess the associated concerns of available company infrastructure.
  • Responsibility of purchasing the appropriate insurance policy for the firm by measuring the pros & cons and understanding the claim procedures.
  • Ability to upload the record shelves related to the insurance and knowledge of processing insurance documents by conducting the procedures with the approval of the management.
  • Negotiating skills to deal with the insurance provider over the offered duration and initial payment for purchasing an insurance policy.
  • Knowledge of executing the claim, in case of any accident or damage happened to the insured business or infrastructure of the organization.
  • Experience of handling insurance renewal procedures, working on changing terms and coordinating with the insurance brokers, agents and firms differently.
  • Ability to judge the timely risk liabilities, assisting and updating the management regarding the same.
  • Attending meetings with the management for discussing the offered insurance benefits and preparing the certification on insurance policies as directed.