An insurance manager is responsible for overseeing the routine functioning of the insurance department, ensures the timely process of delivering insurance policies along with other associated procedures and works to maintain the proper discipline within the department. Consulting and managing the insurance documentation for the potential clients, supervising the functioning of the insurance staff and coordinating & helping the insurance agents are some of the basic job duties of an insurance manager.  Hence, an insurance manager plays an important role in generating great deal of insurance business and contributes to make an insurance company successful.

Insurance Manager Job Specifications:

  • Effective communication skills to deal with the insurance staff and agents for demonstrating the newly introduced insurance products along with the positive & negative aspects.
  • Experience of handling the high profile corporate client and ability to generate timely business from them by offering certain discounts & negotiating on the basic payment.
  • Participating in the insurance development programs and conducting the training programs for the agents and sales & marketing staff within the department.
  • Knowledge of suggesting the suitable insurance policies to the potential clients, explaining the formalities and ensuring the processing of documentation on time.
  • Attending the monthly meeting with the management for handing over the performance reports of the staff, discussing the effective marketing strategies for business growth and sharing the key client issues of the company.
  • Leadership skills to motivate the team for generating expected business, distributing the per head target and gathering the day-to-day reports from the agents.