A laboratory assistant is responsible for the overall supervision of the laboratory including regular laboratory procedures, maintenance of the chemicals and working according to the assigned laboratory schedules. Performing the chemical & biological procedures, assisting the teaching staff & students during practical classes, conducting the haematological and microbiological analysis and preparing the list of the required equipments & chemicals are some of the major job responsibilities of a laboratory assistant. Therefore, a laboratory assistant plays a vital role in implementing the rule & regulations, restrictions and hygiene standards in the laboratory.

Laboratory Assistant Job Specifications:

  • Good understanding of the routine chemical procedures & various practical methods to help the students and taking care of the harmful substances uploaded on the shelves in the laboratory.
  • Responsibility to operate the laboratory by making an order list of the required apparatus such as slides, beakers and finished chemical constituents for further purchase.
  • Preparing the monthly records and annual reports according to the conducted practical schedules.
  • Effective interpersonal skills to communicate with the other departments and follow up for ordering the laboratory equipments and finished laboratory contents.
  • Ability to maintain the discipline and placing the warning charts in the laboratory restricted areas.
  • Assigning the technical & scientific tools such as the microscopes, instruments and gauges, etc to conduct the lab experiments.
  • Responsibility to prevent the damages and ensuring of all running systems should be shut down before locking the laboratory.
  • Knowledge of software to update the attendance records of the students and filling the entries of completed laboratory experiments.