A school administrator is responsible for improving the administrative department, communicating with the entire departments and upgrading the educational standards by issuing the directions to the school facility and teaching staff. Encouraging the investments, upgrading the level of class management, initiating the beneficial strategies to conduct the research programs and ensuring the better educational standards are some of the major job duties of a school administrator. A school administrator should have excellent communication & interpersonal skills, brilliant management capabilities and supportive abilities to meet the expected standards of the school management.

School administrator job specifications:

  • Good conversation skills to contact the customers, motivational abilities to address the students and helpful attitude towards school faculty members.
  • Ability to coordinate with the admin staff and teaching staff to know about the problems and issues associated with the management & back staff.
  • Ability to build the good relationship with the leading people to raise the fund and investments for accomplishing the genuine requirements of the school.
  • Ensuring the cleanliness & hygiene standards within the school premises, hostels and canteen to prevent the disease.
  • Experience of interviewing students at the time of admission, talking to the parents about the progress of the students by arranging the annual parents meet.
  • Putting advertisements of the school via print & electronic media to achieve the maximum admission targets.
  • Distributing the awards to the students & rewards to the working facility and motivating them for doing better.
  • Taking care of basic facilities such as initial level health care standards by providing the first aids kits to classrooms, filtered drinking water and regular supply of electricity.