A laboratory technician is responsible for performing various experiments, using the chemical procedures, analysing the conducted study results and preparing the records for the same. Managing the various laboratory equipments, executing chemical & biological techniques and uploading the record shelves for the future are some of the important job duties of a laboratory technician. This job designation should pose good observational & communication skills, ability to conduct the diverse laboratory procedures and knowledge of conducting critical tests.  Therefore, a laboratory technician plays a vital role in conducting the practical processes for judging the bacterial & biological causes associated with the diseases and other health problems.

Laboratory Technician Job Specifications:

  • Ability to conduct the urine, blood & bodily fluid analysis by using microscopic & automatic analysis to detect the presence of bacteria & infections.
  • Sound knowledge of various laboratory techniques to complete the biological, chemical & physical analysis and following the strict methodologies to perform certain tests on the collected specimens.
  • Experience of maintaining the proper safety standards in the laboratory, examining the available technical equipments, apparatus & tools and maintaining the important reports on the conducted tests & laboratory studies.
  • Ensuring the stock supply of the required chemicals & scientific liquids, updating the technical developments and conducting the requested research studies.
  • Knowledge to judge the drug level, harmful pesticides & the lack of cell counts in the human body by using the issued samples.
  • Performing the isolating, cultivating & identifying the blood cells with the colour to find out the abnormalities.
  • Coordinating with the doctors, scientists and other concerned departments to update them about the results and preparing the records for the same.