A medical technician is responsible for performing the routine medical tests, conducting the chemical examination of the body fluid, judging the abnormal & normal tissues and preparing the medical test reports as per the results.  Generating & conducting the Dialysis & laser procedures, keeping the medical instruments in working order and coordinating with the patients & the concerned medical authority are some of the basic job duties of a medical technician.  This job position should pose excellent interpersonal skills, experience of handling good work load and knowledge of the available medical & scientific tests. Hence, a medical technician plays a vital role in the medical intuition or hospital for completing the biological examination.

Medical Technician Job Specifications:

  • Good interpersonal skills to handle the team, coordinating with the concerned department and studying & conducting the required test.
  • Experience of immunology, histology, serology, chemistry, bacteriology and haematology procedures and knowledge of different blood groups along with the associated procedures to be conducted for completing the requested medical analysis.
  • Studying the blood cell count, morphology and tissue structure by using the microscopes.
  • Knowledge of maintaining, servicing, updating and repairing the instruments & apparatus used in the medical lab and experience of suggesting the innovative designs & improvements for the same.
  • Coordinating with the doctors, physicians and surgeons for providing new tools & instruments during operations & surgeries.
  • Supervising the efficiency of the medical equipments and maintaining them by conducting timely analysis.
  • Ability to maintain the records in the computer & documentation for timely submission to the department and sound knowledge of putting a requirement list for buying the new biological apparatus & tools.