A manufacturing operation manager is responsible for developing & implementing the manufacturing polices for improving the production level, ensures the supply of the required raw materials and controls the regular operations of the organization. Planning & controlling the organization production level, supervisory skills to ensure the massive flow of goods and dealing with the economy related issues are some of the major job duties of a manufacturing operation manager. This designation should pose effective communication skills, knowledge of handling diverse operations and management abilities.  Hence, a manufacturing operation manager plays an important role in enhancing the production of the concerned organization.

Manufacturing operation manager Job Specifications:

  • Brilliant interpersonal skills to communicate with the management, team members & other departments for discussing the manufacturing procedures and improvements.
  • Sound knowledge of several manufacturing operations & production procedures, innovative tools & machines and the latest equipments for handling the assigned manufacturing projects.
  • Understanding of ERP protocols, cost reduction, standardization of the manufacturing system and taking care of the timely delivery procedures.
  • Supervisory skills to oversee the day- to- day performance of the team members and motivate them to perform better.
  • Coordinating with the plant manager for discussing the improvements in manufacturing, directing the regional managers for proper utilization of the production procedures & resources and ensuring the distribution of goods.
  • Good decision making skills in order to maintain the result oriented environment, implementation of the safety & occupational health policies and hiring the new employees & ability to train them.
  • Maintaining the customer satisfaction level, timely goods shipments and production scheduling tasks.