A director manufacturing functions to control the entire manufacturing department directs the senior employees with certain order & policies and is responsible for the growth & improvement of the manufacturing section.  Managing the technical requirements, generating high revenues by controlling the production costs and reporting to the top executive are some of the important job roles of a director manufacturing. This job designation should pose excellent problem solving skills & decision making abilities, experience of handling management policies & regulations and knowledge of preparing potential manufacturing strategies. Therefore, a director manufacturing plays a vital role in the growth of an organization by paying attention to the manufacturing standards.

Director Manufacturing Job Specifications:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills to communicate with the senior employees, management and potential clients for understanding the concerns and directing the production procedures by conducting the beneficial operations.
  • Sound knowledge of production methodologies, existing technical manufacturing procedures, the edge cutting tools and production process, etc.
  • Experience of overseeing all operational production level activities for achieving maximum level of fabrication by investing less time & money.
  • Planning, developing and executing the manufacturing objective and required strategies to improve the efficiency of the production staff.
  • Ability to work with the production engineers for improving the manufacturing functions and ensures the proper supply of tools, equipments & required raw material, etc.
  • Good knowledge of maintaining a manufacturing budget and discussing it with the management along with the monthly progress reports.
  • Implementing the safety standards, proper guidelines and production methods, etc.