A manufacturing manager works to outline the diverse production procedures, monitors the manufacturing operations and ensures the execution of the management approved practices along with the safety standards. Handling the priority based manufacturing programs, developing the tracks for successful production procedures and supervising the activities of the staff are some of the basic job duties of a manufacturing manager. A manufacturing manager should pose excellent communication skills, management abilities and knowledge of undertaking essential production projects. Hence, a manufacturing manager plays a vital role in establishing the successful manufacturing department by measuring all pros & cons.

Manufacturing Manager Job Specifications:

  • Impressive interpersonal skills in order to communicate with the potential clientele, directing the manufacturing staff and coordinating with the production & plant departments.
  • Good knowledge of drawing up production procedures by considering cost reduction rules and improvements strategies for enhancing the product qualities.
  • Ability to track the production levels, setting up the objective & goals for manufacturing staff and executing the annual manufacturing plans according to the company‚Äôs mission & vision.
  • Experience of implementing the health & safety policies, evolution of occupational health codes and ability to handle the small accidental issues within the department.
  • Ensuring the timely production, measuring the routine performance of the employees and submitting the records for the same to the senior officer.
  • Confidence to take up the new production challenges, decision making skills to utilize the crucial resources and problem solving abilities to troubleshoot the minor technical faults in equipment, tools and apparatus, etc.