A media director functions to oversee the overall activities of the media department, handles the department’s overall requirements and is responsible for all sort of media events.  Planning the analytical & research media models to determine the utilization of the media resources, defining the job duties of the media employees and implementing the best result oriented media strategies are some of the major job responsibilities of a media director.  A media director should pose excellent communication skills, ability to manage the media targets and experience of organizing the essential supply, etc. Therefore, a media director plays an important role in the growth of a media agency.

Media Director Job Specifications:

  • Effective interpersonal skills to communicate with the media team, attending meetings with the management and coordinating with the newspaper, magazine and TV channels, etc.
  • Experience of studying the current advertisement statistic, ability to identify the weak factors in advertising strategies and knowledge of eliminating such deficiencies.
  • Supervising the day- to –day improvements, lead generation from the advertisements and meeting the media representatives for placing the precise, but attractive advertisements.
  • Good negotiation skills for putting the ad programs within the approved budget and reading the media journals & research programs for trying the effective advertisement techniques.
  • Experience of hiring the required staff members, ability to train them by organizing the recommended training programs and taking the important decision of firing the inefficient employees.
  • Directing & supporting the staff for outlining the effective media campaigns and presenting the figured programs in interactive slides for generating the expected results.