A media manager is responsible for developing & executing the diverse media strategies, ensures the timely process for initiating brand equity and works according to the customer or management requirements. Evaluating the success rate of the conducted media programs, understanding the client requirements and planning & organizing the media tasks are some of the important job duties of a media manager. This job position should pose excellent communication skills, ability to conduct & implement the various policies and experience of handling the potential clients. Hence, a media manager plays an essential role in the success of a media agency by participating in the crucial media operations.

Media Manager Job Specifications:

  • Good knowledge of innovative media procedures, the latest techniques and potential result oriented strategies for accomplishing the media campaign.
  • Coordinating with the media director for taking the essential orders, preparing improvement reports and taking the appointments with print & electronic media executives for demonstrating the exact requirement of putting ads.
  • Experience of managing the various brand building programs, conducting offline and online operations such as media analysis programs & surveys, etc.
  • Taking the timely feedback from the client and knowledge of availing the beneficial opportunities using the media awareness.
  • Confidence of generating the editorial content, monitoring the staff’s activities and updating the posting schedules according to the same.
  • Recognizing, interpreting & capitalizing the client’s requirements by attending the monthly meeting and maintaining the essential media records for the same.
  • Arranging the presentation material and preparing the key messaging for ensuring the integration of media programs.