An office receptionist is responsible for attending routine official calls, replying e-mails & updating visitor registers, ensuring the daily reporting to the senior officer and welcomes the office visitors. Participating in the customer support activities, volunteering the assigned operations and transmitting the relay messages are some of the basic job duties of the receptionist. This job position should pose good communication skills, ability to handle the reports & records and experience of using the latest computer system & peripherals as per the requirement.  Hence, a receptionist plays an essential role in managing the basic clerical procedures of an office.

Office Receptionist job specifications:

  • Effective interpersonal skills and sound knowledge of the local language along with the good typing speed and ability of using computer input & output devices.
  • Maintaining the regular reports such as office invoices, sending the bill statements, talking to the expecting customers and submitting the routine output report to the immediate senior person.
  • Experience of replying and receiving important messages, updating the record shelves and fixing the office appointments as per the requirement.
  • Responsibility of keeping reception area free & clean, awareness of staff movements, preparing the impressive¬† e-mails, drafting letters and generating the clerical data.
  • Knowledge of call transferring, screening & directing calls, good sense of holding customer on the phone and receiving the supply at the front end of the office.
  • Updating the ERP system with the latest comments, uploading the notice board and coordinating for the repair of office equipments.
  • A receptionist should have a pleasing personality.