An operation manager back office functions to operate & maintains the office procedures, implements the effective organizational policies and ensures the proper functioning of the back end office. Dealing with the organization’s operation architecture, recording essential feedback of the potential clients and processing the working policies are some of the major job duties of an operation manager back office.  An operation manager back office must pose good communication skills, experience of handling important office records and expertise of taking care of customer complaints.  Hence, an operation manager back office plays a vital role in entire keeping up of the back- end office of an organization.

Operation Manager Back Office Job Specifications:

  • Effective interpersonal skills to support all office departments, participating in the data processing activities and handling the administrative procedures.
  • Experience of coordinating with the suppliers, preparing the annual budget of the department and dealing the potential clients for closing the complaints & commencing the further policies.
  • Knowledge of undertaking the optional procedures, system updating projects and helping in the quality control & annual analysis of the back end section.
  • Good decision making skills to take required initiatives for the betterment of the department, effective problem solving abilities to take care of the minor back end issues and experience of judging the performance of the back office staff.
  • Contributing in the short term management programs, supervising sales & marketing analysis and commencing the important agreements for the same.
  • Organizational awareness and leadership skills to motivate the staff for better performance and submitting the reports regarding the same.