A physician performs the diagnosis of diseases & injuries, provides necessary treatments and investigates the serious disorders by investing his medical skills & biological knowledge and suggests the precaution measures by using the hygiene standards. Attending the patients, conducting the basic physical investigation and referring a patient to the concerned specialist are some of the major job duties of a physician .Effective management abilities, impressive interpersonal skills and experience of conducting several case studies are the initial level qualities required in a physician’s profile.  Hence, a physician plays an important role in making a hospital or a health care institution successful by following the assigned job duties.

Physician Job Specifications:

  • Undertaking the serious case for immediate examination and arranging for their instant admission to the hospital by consulting to the case specialist.
  • Issuing the medicine prescriptions to the outpatients and ensuring the medical history should be prepared properly and attached in the case summary file.
  • Routine monitoring of critical patients, communicating with the patients calmly to understand their health problem more closely and changing the prescription according to the latest diagnosis reports.
  • Referring the patients for X-ray, Laboratory, Audiology and therapies as per the requirements and progress in the cases.
  • Sharing the duties with the other physicians and maintaining the discipline within the assigned departments.
  • Experience of handling minor disputes occurred in the department and shuffling of duties within the associated team.
  • Keeping the record histories of patients for uploading the documentation shelves and ability to retrieve such information whenever required for conducting case studies.
  • Attending meetings with the health care management for discussing the status of health care service policies and implementation of medical strategies.