A pub manager operates the routine operations in the pub, maintains the accurate channel of communication and functions to organize the pub by executing the effective methods of working. Arranging for the foods & beverages, ensuring the discipline & implementation of ethical code & conducts and handling the high profile clients are some of the main job duties of a pub manager. A pub manager should pose good communication skills, excellent organizational abilities and experience of taking care of all procedures of the Pub. Hence, a pub manager plays an essential role in enhancing the business of the pub.

Pub Manage Job Specifications:

  • Impressive interpersonal skills to deal with the corporate & high profile clients by serving their needs and ability to gather the feedback from the customers in a friendly manner.
  • Sound knowledge of handling disputes, ensuring the security arrangement and supplying the recommended drinks & food to the customers.
  • Leadership skills to motivate the team to communicate the customers, attending the weekly meetings with the staff and train them by conducting the seminars & small training programs.
  • Responsibility to maintain the discipline, updating the staff regarding the government rules & regulation about Tobacco, drinks & Pub timings and ensuring the implementation of standards.
  • Knowledge of ordering the required supply for the Pub, regular follow up and experience of checking invoices & payment.
  • Supervisory hold on the consumption of goods, inspecting the weekly stock available in the Pub and negotiation skills to buy the stuff at affordable prices.