A retail sales associate is responsible for generating the expected sales for producing good revenues, deals with the potential customers for commencing the beneficial sales relationship and ensures the timely accomplishment of the assigned targets. Ability to sell the products by demonstrating the offered features, preparing the required reports and inspecting the pending payments cases are some of the important job duties of a retail sales associate. This job position should pose excellent convincing & communication skills, management abilities and expertise of handling diverse sales projects, etc.   Therefore, a retail sales associate plays an important role for commencing sales by targeting the potential customers.

Retail sales Associate Job Specifications:

  • Good interpersonal abilities for assisting the buyers, talking to the prospective customers and communicating with the other departments such as accounts section for evaluating the pending payments & collecting the details of the received cash details.
  • Sound experience of selling various products over the phone, finalizing deals with the customers by utilizing the negotiation skills and ability to explain the beneficial feature of the product for convincing the customers.
  • Effective experience of working on the latest computer system, peripherals such as input/ output devices for printing the various sales reports and ability to update the contacted customer comments in the ERP system on the intranet.
  • Ability to follow up with the interested customers, assisting them by telling the exact prices of the products, ensuring the delivery of the goods and responsibility of receiving the payment of the sold product.
  • Using the various scripts as issued by the retail department and attending the training sessions for further progress.