A telecommunication manager is responsible for overseeing the overall activities of the telecom staff, conducting the diverse telecom department’s operations, installing the maintenance procedures and completing the sales targets. Planning & directing the telecommunication strategies, installation of effective software and preparing the essential reports are some of the important job duties of a telecommunication manager. This job position should pose good communication & coordination skills, experience of handling diverse telecom projects and knowledge of the existing telecommunication policies. Therefore, a telecommunication engineer is the important job position who helps to manage the overall role of the telecom department.

Telecommunication manager job specifications:

  • Ability to communicate with the different telecommunication departments such as technical & mechanical section, administration department and knowledge of preparing the potential telecommunication programs for dealing with the high profile customers.
  • Experience of utilizing the manpower to complete the telecom projects on time, drafting, developing & improving the telecom strategies for undertaking the important telecommunication projects.
  • Coordinating with the telecommunication director for taking up necessary course of actions, directing the staff for conducting the various analyses and taking care of the customer satisfaction index.
  • Building & maintaining the good relationship with the local agencies for the development of the telecommunication department.
  • Knowledge of preparing budget, monthly & annual reports and decision making skills to promote & demote the department employees.
  • Maintaining the discipline within the department and dealing with the high profile customer issues.
  • Inspecting the success rate of the initiated telecom plans and motivating the employees for the better performance.
  • Ensuring the installation of telecom lines, internet connections and telecom service towers.