A radiology technician performs routine operations of the radiology departments, uses the variety of specialised components & instruments and prepares the computerized reports by using the analysis results. Coordinating with the concerned medical department, conducting the radiology operations as recommended and uploading the record shelves for the same are some of the basic job duties of a radiology technician. This job position should pose good interpersonal & observational skills, experience of performing the available radiology tests and knowledge of maintaining the issued machines, etc.  Hence, a radiology technician participates in the regular patient examination procedures and maintains the essential reports in the computer system.

Radiology Technician Job Specifications:

  • Ability to perform X- ray, MRI, CT scan and other imaging diagnosis procedures to fix the existing problem in the received reports, forwarding the case file to the concerned department and conversing with the patient for the further procedures.
  • Monitoring the display on the computer, recording & processing the case, judging the reaction of the patient, evaluating the existing deficiencies in the imaging test and sending the same output to the doctor.
  • Supervising the radiology staff, maintaining the discipline, keeping the records updated and forwarding the documentation for the case studies.
  • Experience of working on the imaging & laser machines, ability to adjust certain features such as contrast & size of the images, knowledge to attach the essential output devices with the machines and following the safety measures during such activities.
  • Awareness about the associated health hazards from the laser & radiance procedures and educating the staff for the same and providing the safety gowns to the patients for completing the treatment schedules.