A website manager functions to plan, develop and implement the website, oversees maintenance of the WebPages and works to enhance the feasibility of the website online. Coordinating with the website developers, suggesting the essential changes according to the business requirements, posting of original content and promoting the website by publishing articles & press release are some of the most important tasks of a website manager. A website manager must have good leadership skills, management abilities and experience of understanding the entrepreneur’s requirements.  Hence, a website manager is an important job position, who participates in the growth of business of the concerned organization.

Website Manager Job Specifications:

  • Effective communication skills to coordinate with the team members and demonstrating them the important changes & improvements should be done in the active WebPages.
  • Experience of designing the architectural layout of the website according to the type of business and targeted audiences.
  • Ability to coordinate with the website developers, webmaster and web designers to discuss the scope of making the website impressive and more informative.
  • Managing the website projects in records, ability to gather the feedback from the other departments about the designed website and responsibility to consider the suggested changes for further implementations.
  • Updating the website with fresh & uniquely generated content, images, company logo and adding the user friendly features into the website.
  • Promoting the website or company business by placing the online ads, managing blogs for the company by using the edge cutting technology & latest tools.
  • Responsibility to track user traffic & performance of the WebPages by online tracking analysis, search engine optimization and e- commerce techniques.