A computer technician is responsible for the overall hardware evaluation of the active computer terminals, networking troubleshooting and maintenance of the peripherals & hardware- centric issues. Putting a requirement list to replace the faulty & required hardware parts, understanding the technical problems by communicating with the terminal owners and looking after routine computer maintenance programs are some of the essential job duties of a computer technician. A computer technician should pose effective communication skills, analytical abilities and knowledge of demonstrating the problem- solving strategies.  Therefore, a computer technician plays an important role in keeping the IT department in working order by taking care of hardware & network modules.

Computer technician job specifications:

  • Brilliant interpersonal skills to deal with the computer terminal owner to evaluate the hardware & networking problem level and educating the person about replacement of part.
  • Sound knowledge of the latest hardware troubleshooting techniques and familiar with the usage of innovative networking tools to remove the faults.
  • Experience of purchasing the hardware parts by communicating with the suppliers and effective negotiation skills to mature the deal for benefiting the organization.
  • Responsibility of preparing the weekly troubleshooting and monthly maintenance reports for timely submission to the senior officer.
  • Coordinating with the staff to handle the minor technical & networking problems and attending the meetings with the seniors for getting working instructions.
  • Ability to maintain the total number of computer, servers along with the peripherals and communicating with the IT department for the same.
  • Suggesting the suitable & potential working policies for handling network accounts, file servers, sharing computer devices and wireless networks.