A web developer is responsible for creating, developing & maintaining a website, functions to execute the logical concepts for initiating possible changes and uses the edge cutting technology to meet the satisfaction level of the entrepreneur.  Coordinating with the client or concerned department, understanding the desired technical aspects and building the website by using the innovative web designing tools are some of the major job duties of a web developer. A web developer must pose effective communication skills, management qualities and sound experience of web development strategies, etc. Therefore, a web developer is a vital job position to enhance the business all around the globe.

Web Developer Job Specifications:

  • Brilliant practice of building web by utilizing HTML, XHTML, CSS and other programming languages such as PHP, SQL, JavaScript along with AJAX, etc.
  • Ability to understand the exact requirement of the company and good visualization to prepare an impressive website suitable with the business.
  • Responsibility of making the weekly troubleshooting concerns and monthly development records for timely submission along with the soft copies of the documentation & registration of servers.
  • Good knowledge of the internet protocols and servers such as SSH, FTP and Telnet, etc.
  • Experience of implementing frame works such as ADO & ODBC and utilization of recommended database systems such as SQL, MySQL, SQL server, etc.
  • Dedication of maintaining and improving the performance of the web system according to the company policies and web development strategies.
  • Knowledge of experimenting on desktop applications, web layout enhancements, website development, database backed WebPages and web- based applications, etc.
  • Working experience of implying .NET, PEAR and Smarty frameworks as per the requirement.