A director of nursing functions to develop & implements the nursing department policies, organizes the training of the nursing department and ensures the routine execution of the nursing protocols. Arranging for routine nursing activates, attending meetings with the nursing manager and overseeing overall nursing performance are some of the major job duties of a director of nursing. A director of nursing should pose excellent communication skills, managing abilities and experience of handing diverse nursing programs. Therefore, a director of nursing plays an important role in the establishment and success of the nursing department.

Director of Nursing Job Specifications:

  • Good interpersonal skills for communicating with the nursing staff members, other departments and institution’s management for handling & issuing the necessary instructions in order to initiate the new programs.
  • Ability to handle the overall development of the nursing staff by utilizing the available resources and experience of preparing the training program agenda such as training workshops and procedural programs, etc.
  • Experience of commencing effective nursing strategies & result oriented policies for ensuring the timely execution of all recommended programs.
  • Supervisory skills for evaluating the performance of the hired nursing staff and the decision making skills to take decision regarding recruitment & firing of new employees as per the performance.
  • Knowledge of maintaining the discipline, conducting analysis for improving the efficiency, allocation of the departments to the newly hired nursing staff and excellent problem solving skills for taking care of internal disputes.
  • Sound knowledge of the latest nursing techniques, procedures and nursing regulations & standards to conduct the potential nursing projects.