A nurse manager is responsible for supervising the patient services, managing the duties of the nursing staff as instructed by the director of nursing and maintaining the discipline within the nursing department.  Evaluating the performance of nursing staff, ensuring the required supply and maintaining the sanitation standards are some of the major job duties of the nurse manager. This job designation should pose excellent interpersonal skills, expertise in conducting various nursing programs and knowledge of undertaking different policy implementation programs.  Hence, a nurse manager plays a vital role in organizing facilities and taking care of the functioning of the nursing department.

Nurse Manager Job Specifications:

  • Impressive interpersonal skills for conversing with the nursing team, concerned physicians and administrative departments, etc.
  • Sound knowledge of medical documentation, required report formats, including the invoice software, ERP system and billing statement, etc.
  • Coordinating with the director of nursing for taking essential instruction, discussing the required policies and potential strategies to accomplish the patient facility projects.
  • Responsibility of managing hygiene standards within the institution premises & nursing accommodation such as clean water supply, electricity regulation and sanitation of rooms, etc.
  • Ability to communicate with the external parties for placing orders for required supplies & materials and good negotiation skills to save the precious time & money of the institution.
  • Arranging the schedules for shift duties of the nursing staff, coordinating with the physicians regarding the same and preparing the performance based reports.
  • Good knowledge of existing nursing standards, apparatus, health & safety regulations and the latest technology treatment policies.