A forensic scientist is responsible for investigating crime cases by conducting analysis on physical evidences, inspecting the suspected weapons and preparing essential scientific records for further forensic procedures. Organizing various chemicals & biological research procedures, assisting the team members & other involved departments and arranging the forensic lab facilities are some of the important job duties of a forensic scientist. A forensic scientist should pose effective communication skills, good knowledge of forensic techniques and expertise of handling complicated issues. Therefore, this job position plays an essential role in judging the exact crime conditions practically.

Forensic scientist job Specifications:

  • Good interpersonal skills to communicate with the concerned departments to understand the vital factors in the assigned case, working with  the team for conducting biological analysis and chemical procedures to investigate the reason of crime.
  • Effective knowledge of innovative forensic process, scientific techniques, the latest tools and required chemicals to complete the inspection on the available evidences.
  • Experience of preparing required forensic reports by filling the details along with the suspected figure prints & analyzed chemicals available at the scene of crime and other evidences such as hair, broken glass & paint etc.
  • Ability to attend the crime and accident locations for collecting the needed evidences to complete the forensic procedures.
  • Coordinating with the senior staff and team members for discussing the received results and preparing the final record to submit it to the federal court or the concerned police personal.
  • Knowledge of using scanning electron microscopy, fluid chromatography, infrared spectroscopy and genetic fingerprinting forensic techniques.