A pharmaceutical project manager functions to undertake the essential pharmacy projects, oversees the overall project growth, inspects the development by measuring the clinical procedures and is responsible for accomplishing the project within the time limit. Arranging required chemical supplies, overseeing the functioning of the project team and preparing the required reports are some of the important job duties of a pharmaceutical project manager.   This job designation should pose excellent interpersonal skills, ability to handle the diverse projects and experience of dealing with the potential clients. Therefore, a pharmaceutical project manager plays a vital role in the success of a pharmaceutical firm.

Pharmaceutical project Manager Job specifications:

  • Effective knowledge of the various pharmaceutical chemical procedures, scientific properties of the required chemicals and all essential tools, apparatus & machines, etc, to be used in the different pharmacy processes.
  • Good communication skills to deal with the potential clients, understanding their exact chemical product requirements and coordinating with the concerned department & team members for completing the diverse procedures.
  • Experience of formulating the various pharmaceutical products by putting the exact quantity of the essential chemicals, conducting the trials for produced pharmacy products and discussing the analytical report of the same with the management, pharmaceutical project director and with the client.
  • Ability to prepare the different pharmaceutical reports on the growth of the assigned projects, recording the performance of the team members and maintaining the discipline within the project crew.
  • Organizing the timely meetings with the team, senior officers and coordinating with the external parties for ordering the necessary supply of chemical and technical equipments.