A HR manager functions to manage the HR department, ensures the implementation of the approved rule & regulations, acts as a bridge between the employees and the management and controls the routine activities. Assisting the departments in demonstrating & executing the codes & conducts, completing the recruitment procedures, defining the job duties to the newly appointed employees and coordinating with the HR director are some of the major job responsibilities of a HR manager. Therefore, a HR manager is one of the most important job designations in the HR department, which plays an important role to make the management successful.

HR manager Job Specifications:

  • Effective interpersonal skills to deal with all departments of an organization and excellent communication ability to handle the new & unsatisfied staff members.
  • Ability to recommend the appropriate course of actions, defining the practical solutions for critical HR issues by identifying the major concern and assisting the department heads to implement the approved HR policies.
  • Initiating the recruitments by following the HR rules & strategies, conducting the recruitment campaigns by taking an approval from the HR director and hiring the deserving candidates by interviewing them.
  • Preparing the job descriptions by understanding the department’s requirement, conducting the advertisement programs online and explaining the job responsibilities to the newly appointed employees with complete documentation.
  • Supervisory skills to measure the performance of each job position in HR department and preparing the monthly reports according to the same.
  • Maintenance of payroll data by communicating with the HR administrator, conducting the training & educational programs and speaking with the external parties regarding the same.